Appendix 1/1 Intuit Report 2020_report Health and wellness largest personal expenditure.pdf

Appendix 1/2 Soft skills report Goldman Sachs narrowing-the-jobs-gap-report.pdf

Appendix 3 Children’s Book Market Trends and Opportunities.pdf

Appendix 3 Market Demand Forbes India.pdf

Appendix 3 Self-Help Entrepreneurs in China.pdf

Appendix 3 2018-global-health-care-sector-outlook-infographic.pdf

Appendix 3 WEF Human centric health- behaviour change and prevention.pdf

Appendix 3 WEF Value based Healthcare.pdf

Appendix 3/1 Personal Development Industry  Summery.pdf

Appendix 3/1 global wellness revenue.pdf

Appendix 3/1 Personal Development Industry Summery.pdf

Appendix 3/2 Market Demand.pdf

Appendix 3/2 Market Demand.pdf

Appendix 3/3 Market Demand References.pdf

Appendix 3/3 Alternative & Complementary Medicine Market | Industry Report, 2025.pdf

Appendix 3/4 CSSE - Chicken Soup for the Soul.pdf

Appendix 3/4 Children’s Book Market Trends and Opportunities.pdf

Appendix 3/5 Millennial Health Wellness.pdf

Appendix 4/0 Fastest growing apps and fitness clubs .pdf

Appendix 4/0 various competition case studies .pdf

Appendix 4/1 competition.pdf

Appendix 5/1- 5_5Strategy.pdf

Appendix 6/1 Agile Roesource Allocation.pdf

Appendix 6/2 Facebook and other social media assesesments.pdf

Appendix 6/3 Marketing Strategy.pdf

Appendix 6/4 costco & Google buisness Approach.pdf

Appendix 6/5 WEF_Future_of_Jobs.pdf

Appendix 7/1 Team Structure.pdf

Appendix 7/2 The Team.pdf

Appendix 7/3 IHAR YEAR 4 AND 5-P&L, BS & CF-2.pdf

Appendix 7/4 IHAR 50 50 YEAR 4-5 P&L, BS & CF-Final-detailed.pdf

Appendix Global-Risks-landscape.pdf

Appendix slide 35_1 NHS Expenditures 2012 -2020.pdf

Appendix Slide 35_2 Castlight IPO.pdf

Appendix slide 35_3 Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Announces FY 2017 Results Nasdaq_CSSE.pdf

Appendix Slide 35_4 Crowdfunding’s Potential for the Developing World.pdf