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We have all been there at one point or another where in spite of all the hard work we put in nothing seems to go as planned. Where everything seems to be crashing right before our eyes.

If you are at this point in your life right now, you may begin to wonder what you have done wrong, what you could have done right?

You ask yourself if there really is a point in doing anything at all?

You pour your energy, your time, your attention to an endeavor and nothing seems to be going your way.

When you are in this place where everything seems wrong you feel the struggle, you see the negative effects manifest in your health in your relationships in your finances, and in your state of mind.

This often brings you to a point where you almost quit. You begin to slowly let go of the positivity and eagerness that was there when you started. You begin to question your intention for even doing whatever it is that you do. You lose your motivation. And you begin to say things like “why did I even think I could make it?”

And to a certain extent, you lose your desire to go after your goals. While most people would quit You are going to stay strong and committed. I know that giving up is literally the easiest thing to do. Quitting would be the most convenient option because when something goes wrong we immediately seek something to comfort us. Something to make everything feel “Okay again”. And for some, giving up makes everything okay again.

Others would relapse into bad habits – smoking, drinking, overeating, surrendering.

And I know it’s hard. It is always a challenge to collect yourself after you’ve fallen. But if you recall why you started think of your reasons for striving to achieve a certain goal in the first place.

Has your life been tough and you wanted to try to change it?

Have your finances been inadequate and you wanted to earn more?

Remind yourself time and time again why you started. Is it for your loved ones? Is it because of a burning desire to prove something to yourself?

If you have a reason that is so huge something so powerful, something so moving. It is impossible to ignore it. You will know that you have it in you to keep going.

If the reason behind your efforts is something much larger than yourself, you are going to find a way to work hard no matter how difficult things get. You will keep believing in yourself. and if people doubt you, you’re going to block their negativity from ruining your momentum.

You are going to be grateful – grateful for the beautiful things and grateful for the troubles life brings you.

And when that time comes that you have become so accustomed to working against the grains, you come out stronger. You will see a new version of yourself, someone you have never thought you could ever become.

You will see someone who is a role model, a role model to those who want a life of success.

Life sometimes becomes difficult to deal with and it is good to acknowledge that but stay focused. Discipline yourself to be grateful to even exist right now because there are so many reasons to be grateful. So many reasons to keep on moving forward.



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