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Many of us have already discovered that humans are capable of accomplishing much more than what we have been made to believe for a very long time and the key to achieving our greatest potential is knowledge, constant growth, and self-development. Your hosts, David W Evans and his amazing wife Dr. Agnes Electra Chlebinska, have devoted their lives to exploring all possible ways to break through our mental, physical, and emotional limitations by exploring modern scientific methods as well as the methods that have been used and have worked for virtually thousands of years.

Their greatest advantage over anyone else is their appraisal of the sources of information as being inseparable. They understand that all the areas of science, whether it be computing, medicine or religion, have to be combined to give us the best possible results. Everything affects everything and therefore our future depends on us being able to connect all the dots so that we can be in charge of our lives and shape our destiny.

Dr. Agnes Electra Chlebinska is a specialist in Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine and Peak Performance Psychology, as well as a published author, producer and a businesswoman. With over 20 years of experience taking care of thousands of patients and clients, she is considered to be one of the best in her field. As a former professional athlete-turned-entrepreneur, author, and producer, David W. Evans knows what it means to possess the mentality and behaviour of a champion. As part of his calling, he has trained and helped thousands of people to achieve excellence using his exemplary methods and tools. They are the co-founders of The Transformers, peak performance and well-being social club as well as the non-profit Lifestyle and Preventive Medicine organisation, which hosts world-wide Happy Bootcamps – a powerful FREE health and fitness movement – conferences, courses and social events aimed at eradicating lifestyle-related diseases by changing the way we think, behave and socialize. Their unwavering desire to share their in-depth knowledge and to reach out to people are the foundation and bedrock on which this programme is built.

So, stay focused and sharp and most importantly, enjoy all that they and all the extraordinary people they have met throughout their lives have to teach you. From small tips to great strategies in ALL the areas of your life – mind-set, physical and emotional health, career and money, relationships and much more – no goal is too small or too big. There is something valuable available for each of you to help you reach your extraordinary potential.


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