Scott Rees: The Bitter Taste of Sugar

Today we share with you Scott’s story. Years of overeating, overindulging and consuming food based on what tasted good had lead him to gain excess weight. Being 420 Lbs could come with a host of physical, mental and emotional problems. For Scott, his addiction to sugar lead to diabetes. In this episode, Scott tells us how he discovered about his diagnosis and what he decided to do in order to recover from it.

As a father, Scott wishes to teach his children to take care of their health. However, wanting your kids to care about their nutrition as much as you do could be a daunting task especially when the majority of their peers, their immediate surroundings as well as their schools encourage excessive sugar and fat consumption.

He tells us about the challenges he faced on his weight loss journey and how he remained focused on his goals. “I just did everything I could to cut that temptation out of my life”. His is a story of determination and discipline. Scott’s story will inspire those who struggle with diabetes and other obesity related chronic diseases.

“I think having a plan and sticking to that will really make a big difference” – Scott Rees

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