Proximity is the Ultimate Power

I remember a time where I used to spend time with a specific group of people who were not that ambitions, they were great people very nice and friendly and if you needed anything they would always be there for you. When it came to taking a risk in terms of starting my own business they would be like, you won’t be able to do that, it’s too much work, don’t bother wasting your time, too many people are doing the same thing. I would just get so much negative energy and discouragement that they would make me feel that it was not possible. Then I decided I’m going to change the type of people I’m going to spend time with in this area of my life. A mentor told me that Proximity is the ultimate power.  So I decided to start spending my time with people who had already had a business or were looking to start a business. This was a step in the right direction, what I decided to do is model the people who were already in business and see what I could take away from them to implement in my business and also share my ideas to see what their feedback was. Being in this environment was so uplifting being surrounded with like-minded people who would support you and give you positive energy when you needed to push your idea through for it to be successful.


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