Being old and sick is not a result of ageing but it is a result of wrong living. Part 3

How stress, pessimism and negative thoughts damage our DNA creating diseases, premature ageing and death.

21st century should be all about us living 120 years in absolute health and vitality and having a lot of fun. Instead going to work becomes for me more and more depressing as half of the time I have to diagnose people younger then me with some terrible diseases. Sometimes  I have to tell them that they are dying. We have achieved great things in medicine treating acute conditions but most of the health issue in countries like UK aren’t acute.

More than 80% are lifestyle related chronic diseases. And because lifestyle doesn’t come in a pill, the only thing medicine can do for you today is to treat your symptoms. And the scientists confirm what we have suspected for a a while, that ”Only 5% of disease-related gene mutations are fully determined by our genes. 95% can be influenced by diet, behaviour and our environment.  This means that we are not simply the sum total of the genes we were born with. We are the controller and the operator of our genes. And therefore we write our own story.

So folks; no more blaming genes, god or government for your health problems.

It’s all you!

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