Being old and sick is not a result of ageing but is a a result of wrong living, Part 2

Why human body, requires exercise to produce large amount of energy to function.

Energy is life! And the only way human cells can produce energy is by having large number of healthy mitochondria, the cells power stations. Cells produce mitochondria as a response to exercise. And this is why sitting and lack of exercise kill millions of people every year. Most of us know already that exercise is amazing for:

  • blood circulation
  • body’s hormone production
  • rejuvenate

It cuts down by half our risk of getting cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and many other diseases. It is better than any antidepressants available on the market. But most of us don’t know that lack of exercise kills our mitochondria, the cells power stations, and because our cells and our body can not function without energy, lack of exercise kills also us.

Our body is a biological machine, that operates 24h per day, every day of our life. To be able to provide such huge amount of energy we require great nutrition and supply of oxygen. We also need the machines that generate the energy by burning food and oxygen, the mitochondria. the more mitochondria the better, of course.

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