Nacira Bogenshneider: Sugar Out 70kg Down

Nacira, a lovely mother of 3 from Germany shares her success story of how she lost 70 kilograms or approximately 155 LBS in one year after injuring herself. A lot of us deal with emotional challenges that encourage us to develop negative coping behaviours such as binge eating and living a sedentary life. For Nacira, she tells us how her failure to express her feelings to anyone has lead her to literally “eat” her feelings of frustration and loneliness, “When I was sad, I ate”.

Being overweight for most of her life, Nacira was absorbed in a vicious cycle of making the same mistakes, claiming that after losing a certain amount of weight, she relapsed into old and unhealthy habits which took a toll on her emotions, on her relationships, on her mood and most of all, on her health.

Almost every mother goes through the struggle of finding time for themselves. “I was making everything for others and losing focus on myself.” It took a ruptured ligament to awaken her. Realising that her health should also be her priority, Nacira gives us insight on the importance of taking action. Now, she is an inspiration to many moms who get frustrated and depressed about their physical appearance, about raising their children, about their health and more. “Now I am the person I want to be.”

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