Money: How do we achieve wealth

What role does money play in your life? Does it motivate you? Do you feel empowered by it or perhaps overpowered?

Whatever it is, there is no denying that money DOES have an existing role in our lives and it is an important one, having money gives us the freedom to make things happen, buy things that we have always dreamt of owning and literally, money can change lives.

Other truths linger out there as said in the quote “the best things in life are free”. The simple pleasures that are priceless deserve a spotlight and we need to acknowledge that. These chances and beautiful moments are in essence one of the best reasons to live.

In our society, money has become more than just a means to feed ourselves, it has become our reason to “do” and “act on” things. We work to get paid, that’s a reality. However, we work for a number of other reasons as well.

So how do we gain wealth? Let us take into account that wealth could mean all sorts of things for different people, it could mean having the ability to stay at home as your business automates itself, it could mean something as simple being able to eat three times a day.

But today, I will be referring to the specific type of wealth. And it is most probably the “wealth” that is on your mind: money. And what are the habits that will help you achieve this?

The truth about making a fortune is that it does not happen overnight. If you’ve got someone offering you a quick fix to wealth, run the other way.

Why aren’t we wealthy? Before going into deeper details on habits that will help us gain wealth, let’s understand why most of us chase wealth and fail to achieve it.

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