Marina, Coat of Fat that Protects our Virtues

Marina has shared her story on the Dr. Oz Show and the Rachael Ray Show to name a few. Marina tells us that there are no shortcuts, no magic, no pills. It is all just hard work and dedication.

“It is confidence you gain along the way, at some point you realise that ‘I GOT THIS”. This episode features Marina, a personal trainer and counsellor from New York City who has overcome adversities and lost over 140 Lbs despite of having been sexually abused as a young girl, been involved in a vehicular accident, growing up with the manifestations of Polycysting Ovary Syndrome, and weighing 320 Lbs at her heaviest, Marina explains how her life her life events lead her to find comfort and solace in her excess weight and develop self destructive coping mechanisms. She tells us what pushed her to make a decision to start taking control of her weight and get fit.

Through her efforts to stay healthy and fit, Marina is now 4 months pregnant, definitely a feat for someone with PCOS. On this episode we tackle issues such as understanding the emotional side of weight gain, finding the right mentor that will guide you through the nutrition and fitness programs that will cater to your unique needs as an individual and getting to the bottom of the excuses that people use.

Find out how Marina is now changing lives by helping them prevent chronic illnesses brought on by obesity and being overweight.

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