Kiz (Kirat Singh)

Never quit believing in yourself… and I will never stop looking for my iconic sound

Kirat (Kiz) Singh (born March 4th 1989) is a British Producer/Songwriter and recording artist from London. Inspired by the many genres he listened to growing up, he spent years creating a unique sound which is fresh and distinctive. Described by his team as commercial pop music with an urban edge, somehow Hip Hop, R&B, Country and Electronic elements have all found their way into his music over the many years heed been writing.

He received his first UK top 5 Chart position with a feature for singer and friend, Ronan Keating on his album, Fires in 2013. Since then, Kiz started writing and recording songs professionally, which lead to signing a global deal with IMAGEM Music Publishing in 2014.

The story originally started with Kiz setting up a small studio in his university dorm aged 18, Kiz began to record and write songs with artists from the LDN Urban scene and progressed to having some small releases in the UK. Since then, Kiz has gone on to write and produce for artists like Ronan Keating (Polydor), Wale (MMG), Eric  Saade (Universal), Left-Boy (Warner), Kevin McGuire and Aggro Santos (FOD). This streak continued on, working with Fleur East, (now signed to SiCo), Make Believe (Warner) Alex Hepburn (Warner) and Too Many Left Hands (Warner). Becoming internationally sought after in the world of music for his production and writing skills, Kiz now has several singles scheduled for release.

Kiz also spends much of his time developing artists and has a roster of great upcoming talents, both signed and unsigned from his London based studio.


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Questions Asked:

  • How important family is to his success? (1:46)
  • When did you know what you wanted to do? (7:52)
  • Which Artists inspired you (9:58)
  • What does a producer do? (11:02)
  • What does it take to be a successful singer? (14:45)
  • What do you have to do to stay at the top of the game? (17:26)
  • Three tips for anyone who wants to be a Producer, Singer, and Artist? (26:32)


Kiz's Top 3 Extracurricular Activities To Do?

  • Gym
  • Performance Driving
  • Basketball

Kiz top 5 Songs

  • Oceans – Cold Ain’t for Me
  • Million Dollar Weekends – Addicted
  • Svrcina – Deeper
  • Chainsmokers – Closer
  • The 1975 – She’s American

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Twitter: @kizmusic

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Facebook: Kizmusic

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