The Children’s Book With A Moral Lesson – The Academy For Health Superheroes

In this podcast, you will learn about how to teach your child important moral lessons of health, exercise, and nutrition.

The Heart is the first book in the Academy Of Health Superheroes. It is perfect if you want your child to learn about health, how the body works, the importance of social interaction, and the importance of positive mindset as early on in their life while realizing the value of friendship and family.

  • It will teach your child important values such as:
  • The value of family and friendship
  • Knowledge of nutrition, exercise, and how the body works
  • Caring for the environment
  • Love and compassion
  • Discipline
  • Confidence and courage
  • The importance of social connections
  • Develop their vocabulary in a healthy manner
  • Help the parent leave a healthy and moral legacy for their child
  • Fitter children – their IQ increases, their grit increases, their emotional self-discipline improves
  • More focused children – improvement in behaviour, mental health, emotional health, academic performance

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