Scott Rees: The Bitter Taste of Sugar

Today we share with you Scott’s story. Years of overeating, overindulging and consuming food based on what tasted good had lead him to gain excess weight. Being 420 Lbs could come with a host of physical, mental and emotional problems. For Scott, his addiction to sugar lead to diabetes. In...

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Nacira Bogenshneider: Sugar Out 70kg Down

Nacira, a lovely mother of 3 from Germany shares her success story of how she lost 70 kilograms or approximately 155 LBS in one year after injuring herself. A lot of us deal with emotional challenges that encourage us to develop negative coping behaviours such as binge eating and living...

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Deborah M Morales, How Relationships Affect Our Health

His story will resonate with many young men out there who struggle with weight, who have developed an unhealthy relationship with food particularly junk food, young men who refuse to discuss their feelings and who have built daily routines around a lifestyle that is sedentary. Weighing 467 LBS at 19...

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Joel Reed, Food the substitute for love

His story will resonate with many young men out there who struggle with weight, who have developed an unhealthy relationship with food particularly junk food, young men who refuse to discuss their feelings and who have built daily routines around a lifestyle that is sedentary. Weighing 467 LBS at 19...

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Liz Barreto, Horrific Effects Of Birth Control

Liz has a story that many young women can relate to. While many use birth control shots with very few side effects, injecting hormones can come with a host of negative consequences. For young women looking to prevent unplanned pregnancies, it is important to be informed of all the side...

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Coleen Renee: The Dark Side Of Life

Get ready for an incredible weight loss story. Weighing 525 lbs at her heaviest, @ColeenSykesRay, a mother of 2 had to take at least 10 different medications for obesity related diseases just to get through the day. She’s had congestive heart failure, diabetes, hypertension, kidney issues, bladder problems, asthma and...

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Zach Moore, 1000 Days Before I Die

Zach Moore is living proof that anything is possible and that change can happen overnight as long as you make the decision to go for it. He was once warned by a doctor that he had less than a thousand days left to live when he was 31 years old....

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Marina, Coat of Fat that Protects our Virtues

Marina has shared her story on the Dr. Oz Show and the Rachael Ray Show to name a few. Marina tells us that there are no shortcuts, no magic, no pills. It is all just hard work and dedication. “It is confidence you gain along the way, at some point...

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Charles Abouzied: The Mask of Masculinity

Meet Charles Abouzied, owner and Chief Happiness Officer of The Happiest Gym on Earth. His is a story that resonates with many of us who have been raised in a household where emotional connections to bad habits just weren’t talked about, where unhealthy relationships with junk food and cravings are...

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Melaina Rosa-Montes: Solutions to Obesity in the World of 21st Century

Melaina Rosa-Montes, a single mom of 6 from Southern California is a true fighter with an inspiring story. She shares not only her weight loss journey, but also her quest to learning about self love. It is every mother’s dream to share fond memories with their children. And a lot...

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Teaching Your Child To Be Grateful And Having Gratitude As A Parent

In this podcast, we’ll discuss tips for teaching our children to be grateful, while developing gratitude and appreciation within our family. For us parents and guardians, we sometimes wonder how to raise grateful kids. Gratitude is an important value to teach your children, it lightens up the whole family, and...

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The Children’s Book With A Moral Lesson – The Academy For Health Superheroes

In this podcast, you will learn about how to teach your child important moral lessons of health, exercise, and nutrition. The Heart is the first book in the Academy Of Health Superheroes. It is perfect if you want your child to learn about health, how the body works, the importance...

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Being old and sick is not a result of ageing but it is a result of wrong living. Part 3

How stress, pessimism and negative thoughts damage our DNA creating diseases, premature ageing and death. 21st century should be all about us living 120 years in absolute health and vitality and having a lot of fun. Instead going to work becomes for me more and more depressing as half of...

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Being old and sick is not a result of ageing but is a a result of wrong living, Part 2

Why human body, requires exercise to produce large amount of energy to function. Energy is life! And the only way human cells can produce energy is by having large number of healthy mitochondria, the cells power stations. Cells produce mitochondria as a response to exercise. And this is why sitting...

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Jessica-Jane Stafford

Jessica-Jane Stafford is a Sheffield born award-winning actress, best known for her 6 year role on BBC3'S The Real Hustle. Trained at the Lee Strasberg Film and Theatre Institute in New York and the Actors Centre in London, Jessica has been acting for over 15 years. Jess's breakthrough into mainstream acting...

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Be Grateful and Become Unstoppable!

Gratitude: Defined by the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary as a strong feeling of appreciation to someone or something for what the person has done to help you, gratitude is often ignored in our society. With most of us always on the run and all. We forget to appreciate everything that...

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Joanne Joseph (DJ Smokin Jo)

Joanne Joseph (Smokin Jo) is one of the most talented Dj’s to emerge from the British dance music scene. Jo’s undeniably cutting edge sound has carved her a niche in clubland. Jo has had a truly successful career and over her 26 years behind the decks she has played in...

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Believe in Yourself!

It was the English born writer and novelist, Michael Korda who once said, “To succeed, we must first believe we can”. Realizing that now is the time to make your dreams reality, I’m sure you have taken several steps towards achieving your desired outcomes. You might have already started creating...

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Professor Marcin Kacperczyk

Professor of Finance, Imperial College Business School Marcin Kacperczyk is a Professor of Finance at the Imperial College London Business School. He is also a Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy and Research. In addition, he serves as an Associate Editor of Financial Management, Management Science, Review of...

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Money: How do we achieve wealth

What role does money play in your life? Does it motivate you? Do you feel empowered by it or perhaps overpowered? Whatever it is, there is no denying that money DOES have an existing role in our lives and it is an important one, having money gives us the freedom...

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Taking Action!

Over the past few podcast I have discussed about choosing to surround yourself with nurturing and supportive individuals, I walked you through the reasons why learning is not something that needs to stop when we graduate. The latest ones are guides to help you create a list of goals, how...

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Preetha Ji

Her quest to transform lives through awareness and mindfulness. Preethaji is the founder of One World Academy, a wisdom and meditation school in India for a new consciousness along with her husband Krishnaji. Preethaji is a sage who impacts her students through the power of her consciousness. She is a...

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Being old and sick is not a result of ageing but it is a result of wrong living. Part 1

The Human body, the most complex machine ever build requires a symphony of nutrients to pursue it’s functions. For decades now, study after study have shown that where there is a high intake of animal products there is a premature ageing and high incidence of chronic diseases such as cancer,...

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Milk, cheese, egg – friend or foe?

To fully understand how milk became almost synonymous with health, calcium and strong bones we have to travel in time to America to late 1920’s, the times of prohibition and famous American gangsters such as Al Capone. During this period selling alcohol was illegal and also very profitable but as...

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Success begins when you step out of your comfort zone

I get the chance to meet so many people from different places and a uniform observation I notice is how we all have dreams and yet only a few of us get to fulfil them. We see successful people who have made it, innovators getting their creations reproduced and we...

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Ben Ofoedu

Insights about the music industry from a massive 90’s pop star and how he turned his life around. Ben Ofoedu (born 29 June 1972, Hong Kong) is a Nigerian/British singer-songwriter, most famous for being the former lead singer of the duo Phats & Small. Music Career In 1993, Ofoedu joined the band Benz, and in...

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To eat or not to eat meat?

“To eat or not to eat meat?” and why more vegetables can give you bigger muscles than animal proteins? So let’s start with the apparently confusing matter of “to eat meat or not to eat meat”? For almost forty years, I had believed, like most of you, that eating animal...

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Staying Persistent with your Goals

In a few more weeks, 2016 will be coming to an end and many of us will start revisiting our goals and achievements for the year. How did it all pan out for you? Did you make it? Or do you belong to the percentage of people that have decided...

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Clearing Up The Confusion

Every day I hear someone complaining that there is so much confusing information out there… Now ask yourself, where is the confusing information coming from? Is it maybe your evening newspaper or your favorite TV show or perhaps your Facebook page? Because daily, I read top-notch scientific publications written by...

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Kiz (Kirat Singh)

Never quit believing in yourself… and I will never stop looking for my iconic sound Kirat (Kiz) Singh (born March 4th 1989) is a British Producer/Songwriter and recording artist from London. Inspired by the many genres he listened to growing up, he spent years creating a unique sound which is...

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Professor Alex Edmans

Embedding responsible finance practices into business and creating great leaders can generate a great economy. Alex Edmans is Professor of Finance at London Business School.  Alex graduated from Oxford University and then worked for Morgan Stanley in investment banking (London) and fixed income sales and trading (New York).  After a...

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Learning is a Never Ending Process

This has been a promising time for learning. Regardless of your age, learning is such a vital element of living that it has become synonymous to life itself. Being alive means you are constantly learning therefore learning and personal growth go hand in hand and this goes for everyone. Defined...

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Time Management Tips, State of Flow and Health

There are over 100 billion cells in our brain, each of which can grow 200,000 connections; and our brain can process billions of actions every second. This, technically speaking, makes every single of us a genius, wouldn’t it be great for us to take advantage by learning how to manage...

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Ana-Maria Pruteanu

Why are women better leaders? The story behind her success as a mother, a business woman and a health enthusiast. Ana Maria has worked in the Telecoms Emerging Markets since 2001. Many have asked, how is one succeeding in Africa? It’s about THE TEAM; talented employees, partners and collaborators. “Ihsan”...

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Proximity is the Ultimate Power

I remember a time where I used to spend time with a specific group of people who were not that ambitions, they were great people very nice and friendly and if you needed anything they would always be there for you. When it came to taking a risk in terms...

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Welcome to Shape Your Future Podcast

Many of us have already discovered that humans are capable of accomplishing much more than what we have been made to believe for a very long time and the key to achieving our greatest potential is knowledge, constant growth, and self-development. Your hosts, David W Evans and his amazing wife...

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