Join us for another Fun Fitness adventure

Would you like to go on a holiday where you not only have fun, parties, food and drinks, but also do something great and productive while you are there?

Spend 7 days with a team of positive and inspirational coaches and transform your body and mind forever!


What is there to do?

Sports & Activities

We have arranged for all our holiday members to have unlimited access to all activities, equipment and facilities available at resort! Each one of you will receive a chip that entitles you to borrow or use any available equipment at the resort, hire halls and take part in Club La Santa activities. With over 50 different sports from windsurfing, cycling, tennis, squash, football… the list goes on, there is endless opportunities to practice sports that you love most. You will also have unlimited access to modern gyms, swimming pools and running tracks.

Classes – Over 100 classes & activities organized for you!

Sports & Activities are great, but they are not even 1/10 as much fun when doing them on your own, without guidance and support! This is why we have created a whole plan of organized classes & activities throughout your whole stay in which you can take part in, exercise & stay motivated within a group of great people! Our coaches are the best and with many years of experience they will be able to work with you on your technique, you will be able to gain valuable knowledge & information and return a fitter, smarter and healthier person!

Relax, Have Fun & Party!

Now, we all know that exercise & health is important, but we also know that without having a bit of a laughter and fun, live would be boring! This is why we have also organized many fun activities throughout the whole holiday including jetski, gokarting, city tours, discovery of volcanos and aqua parks. Every day there is something different for you to do and every day you will learn and discover! And of course in the evenings PARTY TIME, Dance, Sing, Eat & Drink with your new friends!!!

Part from that, the resort also offers fantastic relaxation facilities including a wellness centre with Jacuzzi, spas, saunas and massages. If you want to be pampered, that’s the perfect place for you!