Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote 2017 & Fun Fitness Holiday

Join the Ironman 70.3 Lanzrote 2017

Spend 10 days in Canary Island from August 30 – September 8, 2017. Join one of the toughest IRONMAN 70.3 events (September 2) and have fun with the Transformers to the best & biggest health & fitness resort in the world “Club Las Santa”!

With us in only 10 days you can achieve as much as you would in your normal daily life in 3 months, while having also time to relax, fun and laughter with newfound friends!

Ironman 2015 Team

In 2015, 20 Transformers took the challenge to complete an Iron Man 70.3. An Iron Man 70.3 consists of a 1.9km Swim, 90km Bike ride, and a 21km Run. Some of them could not swim, some had never ridden a bike and some had never run a half marathon but they had the courage of putting all 3 disciplines together. This challenge was going to change their lives. With the great support of the group, this whole experience was made even more enjoyable and fun. We all trained together leading up to the race and sharing our experiences of what we did on week to week basis. Doing it as part of a group is much better than doing it on your own because 1. You get the support from the whole group 2. You can share your experience with everyone in the group 3. They understand what you are going through when training for such a challenge. So, in 2016 we what to have a bigger group so we can get even more transformers through the finish line. So come and join us and have the experience of a lifetime.


About Ironman Lanzarote

Located on the northern edge of the Canary Islands off the northwest coast of Africa, IRONMAN Lanzarote is considered by many to be one of the toughest IRONMAN 70.3 events in the world.

The bike course, challenging athletes with the strong island winds, goes all around the north part of the island with the stunning climb of 550 m from 44,3km to 56,1km. Participants will enjoy amazing views and will have lots of support from the volunteers along the way. Most of the bike circuit will be open to traffic and circulation will be controlled by the police. Please be careful at all times and obey all police officers under all circumstances.

The Swim course takes place in the lagoon in front of Club La Santa, on the North West coast of Lanzarote. It is a one loop course, and athletes will run past spectators and supporters on their way to the first transition.

The run course starts and finishes in Club La Santa stadium and consists of three laps of 7 km each. Athletes will run through the fishermen’s village of La Santa, while enjoying enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean under the Lanzarote sun. Competitors will be received by the welcoming support from enthusiastic spectators that line the run as they make their way to the finish line in the stadium.


There are 50 (fifty) qualifying slots to the 2016 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship 2016 Sunshine Coast, Mooloolaba, Queensland, Australia. The Sunshine Coast and Queensland region is regarded as one of the world’s leading triathlon centers. Every year the regions hosts the annual IRONMAN 70.3 Sunshine Coast, the iconic Mooloolaba and Noosa Triathlon Festivals. It will host the first IRONMAN World Championship held in the southern hemisphere.


Doing the Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote with The Transformers was an incredible experience. I could barely swim beforehand, so there’s no way I would have taken on the challenge if I didn’t have the support of The Transformers. I was far better prepared – and most importantly had far more fun – than if I had trained alone. David and his team put on excellent swim, run, bike, and brick (bike-then-run) workouts which substantially improved my abilities. The 20 Transformers who had entered the event became a community, helping each other out with training, gear, and nutrition tips; going with each other to practice races; and encouraging each other to push ourselves even further with the training. The actual race day was so much fun because of the Transformers community. The run was three laps of 7 km, so you could see other Transformers a lap ahead or behind you and high-five each other, giving you an added lift right when you needed it. Other Transformers who weren’t doing the Ironman came along cheer us on. When I crossed the line, I was immediately surrounded by four Transformers to congratulate me. Completing an Ironman 70.3 is an amazing feeling – but the feeling is even greater when you have friends to share it with.

Professor Alex Edmans, London Business School

About The Transformers Fun & Fitness Holiday 2017

Would you like to go on a holiday where you not only have fun, parties, food and drinks, but also do something great and productive while you are there?

After the Ironman ® 70.3, the fun continues as we join The Transformers for a Fun Fitness adventure at “Club La Santa”, Lanzarote, Canary Island.

There is everything in one place and no matter what sports & activities you enjoy; Club La Santa has something for everyone! In addition to being a fabulous sports resort, Club La Santa organizes also great discos, parties, the restaurants are great and the members of staff are friendly and supportive!

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Aug. 30, 2017 to
Sept. 8, 2017


Club La Santa
Lanzarote, Canary Islands



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