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Irresponsible agriculture can destroy our planet

Agriculture is what feeds the world. But, when this is done irresponsibly, it can destroy our planet. That is why our food choices are also very important; the kinds of food we put on our plates have significant effects on the environment. Choosing meat over fruit and vegetables, for instance, can negatively affect the environment. […]

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HIIT – Best for busy people

The benefits and importance of exercise for your well-being have been well established, and yet you always find a justification for not exercising regularly.

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Athletic performance enhancers

If you are competitive, it is nothing but natural for you to want to perform very well in whatever sport you participate in. No wonder many athletes make use of athletic performance enhancers or performance-enhancing drugs. While they may have potential benefits, they are not without risks (see details below). Fortunately, nature has provided us […]

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Weight loss & detoxing

Being healthy allows us to live happy and successful lives. Without health, nothing else really matters. And because many of us like to blame our genes or our life circumstances for the diseases we have to face (including being overweight or obese), we need to start by being honest with ourselves.  If we are healthy […]

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Muscle Strengthening and Growth

The Skeletal Muscles There are 3 types of muscle tissue in our body: cardiac, smooth, and skeletal. Cardiac muscle cells are located in the walls of the heart, appear striated, and  they work automatically, without our control. Smooth muscle fibres are located in the walls of hollow organs (stomach, bowel etc.), and they also work […]

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Exercise & Disease Prevention

Staying active and exercising regularly can be the most powerful lifestyle choice you can make to boost your health and well-being. Research has repeatedly shown that physical inactivity is one of the primary causes of chronic diseases, so it just makes sense that being active and exercising regularly are not just recreations anymore but they […]

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Foods that heal & foods that kill

Your body is a sophisticated biological machine, and to function properly, it needs a host of nutrients that work together in a total harmony. And where do you get these nutrients? Of course from your food and drinks! Everything we put into our mouth does something to our body. And there is no such thing […]

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Where is your food coming from?

Food is a basic need. Apparently, we won’t survive without it. It is our primary source of nutrients that work in harmony to keep our bodies working properly. However, not all foods are created equal. There are those that are good for us, and there are those that make us sick. You may know the […]

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Be A Great Leader

What makes a great leader today? We all want to know what it takes to be a great leader who moves mountains and transforms the world. If we could learn how to lead effectively, there would be no limits to our personal achievements as individuals and as a community. Many leadership experts spend their lives trying […]

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How Emotional Intelligence Affects Our Genes & Health

Stress and Genes Contrary to what many people believe, emotional intelligence does not mean avoiding or suppressing your emotions. One of the things that emotionally intelligent people can effectively do is manage their emotions in a constructive way. In fact, not being able to express your emotions in a healthy way will almost certainly result […]

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The Physiology of Emotional Intelligence

Whether we like it or not, all of our decisions are dependent on our emotions. This is a basic neurophysiology of our brain that comes from the most basic survival instinct. As such, knowing how to control our emotions  is of great importance in making better decisions, which will then help us succeed in our […]

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