Agnes and David’s Story

David W. Evans and Dr. Agnes Electra Chlebinska co-founded non-profit organisations; Lifestyle & Preventive Medicine, Happy Bootcamps and The Academy for Health Superheroes. David, together with his wife Dr Agnes Electra Chlebinska, are well recognised internationally as authors and in particular for their global initiative Move Happy and Happy Bootcamps, which aim to get one billion people active, educated and connected world-wide in the next few years. The Happy Bootcamps operate in 12 countries nationwide and run a variety of health and fitness programs, promoting whole-food plant base nutrition, positive psychology, exercise, the responsible use of Earth’s resources and the idea of connecting all nations towards one mission; health, happiness and global wealth.

They started the Lifestyle & Preventative Medicine to help people manage their health, their time, their businesses, or their jobs while teaching about nutrition, exercise, emotional intelligence, stress management, leadership, and love and compassion.

They also recently started The Academy For Health Superheroes to help schools, teachers, and parents guide the children towards living a healthy, active, compassionate, and positive-minded lifestyle through their children’s books that teach moral stories called The Heart and the companion workbook. The Academy For Health Superheroes or HSH conducts workshops to children in various schools in the United Kingdon and India.

The Happy Bootcamps

Happy Bootcamps is a free global fitness and social movement and you can register here. The goal of the Happy Bootcamps is to get 1 Billion people educated, connected, active, and happier around the world. Over 200,000 people have attended over 500 bootcamps for free and the people that are influenced continue to increase.

The Happy Bootcamps addresses unhealthy lifestyles in today’s time because every minute, 73 people die of cancer or cardiovascular diseases and over 50% of these deaths can be prevented with the right lifestyle changes. We believe that governments don’t change the world, people do. Happy bootcamps promote whole-food plant based nutrition, positive psychology, exercise, the responsible use of Earth’s resources and the idea of connecting all nations towards one mission; health, happiness and global wealth.

Conducting Happy Bootcamps At Saudi Arabia And 12 Countries All Over The World

Because of the health crises, the General Sports authority of Saudi Arabia invited Happy Bootcamps to launch a pilot project across the kingdom. Within only a few weeks, David mobilised Saudi’s largest fitness providers, universities and hospitals, involving thousands of people and turning Happy Bootcamps into a national phenomena. Filmed and interviewed by some of the kingdoms biggest TV channels, David became a national superstar and a sign of hope for many Saudi men and women who battle with obesity and chronic diseases.

Today, the Happy Bootcamps operate in 12 countries nationwide and run a variety of health and fitness programs that range from whole foods plant based nutrition, positive mindset, regular high intensity exercise, and management of earth’s resources for a more sustainable agriculture.

Why People Attend The Happy Bootcamps

Different people report different reasons for attending our happy bootcamps, some want to get rid of their fat, reduce their belly fat, and some just want to live healthier lifestyles.

By engaging in regular high intensity exercises you, your family and friends can:

  • lower your risk of coronary heart disease and stroke by 35%
  • lower risk of type 2 diabetes up to a 50%
  • lower risk of colon cancer up to a 50%
  • lower risk of breast cancer up to a 20%
  • lower risk of early death a 30%
  • lower risk of osteoarthritis up to an 83%
  • lower risk of hip fracture up to a 68%
  • lower risk of falls a 30%
  • lower risk of depression up to a 30%
  • lower risk of dementia up to a 30%
  • reduce obesity, belly fat, and increase fitness levels

People who join the happy boot camps find that they are loving the experience of working with great coaches, meeting nice people, and working out at a pace that is suitable for all fitness levels. See what some people who attend the happy bootcamps are saying here.

Lifestyle And Preventative Medicine

David and Agnes started Lifestyle And Preventative Medicine because they recognized today’s problem: 50% of us will end up with cancer, while the remaining half will have cardiovascular disease while being severely affected by diabetes, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, and other diseases. Much of these can be prevented by taking action now and making a choice to shape our own future.

It’s important to learn what to eat (whole-foods plant based nutrition), how to move (using regular high-intensity interval exercises), how to think positively (through daily gratitude and positive psychology), and how to shape our environment so that it supports us and our family’s healthy lifestyle.

It’s also important to manage our time, our energy, and our health well that’s why we teach topics on how to choose a job we want or learning to love our job. We also teach leadership topics such as goal setting, time management, strategies and problems because we understand what it’s like to juggle different aspects of our lives such as leadership, entrepreneurship, work, business, and family.

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