Agnes and David’s Story

David W. Evans and Dr. Agnes Electra Chlebinska co-founded non-profit organisations; Lifestyle & Preventive Medicine, Happy Bootcamps and The Academy for Health Superheroes. David, together with his wife Dr Agnes Electra Chlebinska, are well recognised internationally as authors and in particular for their global initiative Move Happy and Happy Bootcamps, which aim to get one billion people active, educated and connected world-wide in the next few years. The Happy Bootcamps operate in 12 countries nationwide and run a variety of health and fitness programs, promoting whole-food plant base nutrition, positive psychology, exercise, the responsible use of Earth’s resources and the idea of connecting all nations towards one mission; health, happiness and global wealth.

They started the Lifestyle & Preventative Medicine to help people manage their health, their time, their businesses, or their jobs while teaching about nutrition, exercise, emotional intelligence, stress management, leadership, and love and compassion.

They also recently started The Academy For Health Superheroes to help schools, teachers, and parents guide the children towards living a healthy, active, compassionate, and positive-minded lifestyle through their children’s books that teach moral stories called The Heart and the companion workbook. The Academy For Health Superheroes or HSH conducts workshops to children in various schools in the United Kingdon and India.

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